Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hi there!

Sorry, but I haven't got a card to post on my blog today. I've got quite a lot of work on for my desktop publishing business, so need to get my head down and stay disciplined ... if that's possible! However, one of my jobs was to design some party invites so I thought I'd just get out one of my SU compliment slips and wrap them up with some linen thread & some of those delightful tiny tags! Perfect ... just finishes off the job nicely!

Now I really must get my head down and get some serious work done. I've got my mum to stay at the beginning of next week and that usually means I don't get any work done OR any stampin! So I probably wont be posting again for a few days!

Have a good weekend!

Bye for now

-x- Linda -x-

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