About Me


Stamford Bridge, East Yorkshire, England.


Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Interior Designer, Freelance Desktop Publisher


Thank you for visiting my blog. I love stamping and paper crafting as well as sharing tidbits of my life. To me, creativity is a cumulative experience where life combined with imagination produces Art.

Having been involved in graphics and design for many years from desktop publishing to interior design, since retiring over 3 years ago, I now run my own desktop publishing company from home - offering desktop publishing for the small business, affordable typing/transcription service to students/undergraduates and a specialist service to authors and publishers.

The ADipl(IntDes) after my name means I have also been awarded an Associate Diploma in Interior Design  - designing interiors is not too dissimilar to designing on the web - design is an international language which communicates subtle or overt messages for the end user.

Why do I blog?

Well... it started as a journal of sorts to record my journey with Stampin’ Up! I really yearned for a place where I could be myself and share my passion for stamping and all things crafty! For me... a designer puts so much of themselves into their work … that it’s sometimes nice to share the experience (good or bad!) with others.

Why stamp'innovations for the name? 

The dictionary definition for in•no•va•tion means (a) the act of introducing something new, and (b) something newly introduced … a perfect way to describe my journey with card making.

Stampin’ Up! introduced me to a wonderful new craft which complemented my other talents and, also, worked in tandem with my design business. Designing leaflets, brochures and mailshots for my clients became even more adventurous once I introduced stamps into my designs! And of course my clients were delighted too!

I  am a wife (to a very patient husband), a mother and a doting grandmother to my two wonderful grandsons … so while I enjoy the work aspect of my life … I always put my family first and foremost!


Stamping (of course), paper crafting, interior design, writing and most importantly spending time with my patient husband and playing with my grandchildren!

My Philosophy

Life requires flexibility. Have a broad idea of what you want to achieve, then let the details take care of themselves. Everything I've planned for in life hasn't come to pass, while all the exciting things to happen to me I'd never have thought to go after. Without getting too metaphysical, it's almost as if they were meant to be!