Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hi everyone ...

Just look at these wonderful cupcakes my daughter-in-law made for my birthday yesterday! Don't they look so delicious? And the good news is that I got TWO boxes full of these delectable creations (which is just as well as they were handed to me by my grandson Logan who just happend to tell me that cupcakes are his favourite!

Then he gave me this card that he'd hand-stamped ... guess I've got some competition there so I had better watch out! My birthday present was just as impressively wrapped with matching paper!
And here's a picture of Logan and his baby brother Luke having 40 winks after birthday lunch! (Well Luke's having 40 winks ... though I don't know what Logan's planning .....)

What a wonderful day I had with all my family! I love them all to bits and am so lucky.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Those cupcakes look fab. I hope you got to enjoy them and they didn't get knicked by the rest of the family too quickly!

  2. Happy birthday for Saturday Linda! You sound as if you had a wonderful day with your lovely family and I bet those yummy-looking cupcakes didn't last long!