Monday, 25 October 2010

Injury stops play .....

Hi everyone

Sorry to say, but I can't continue my 12 Joys of Christmas as I'm having quite a lot of difficulty crafting at the moment! Early in May I had a nasty fall and thought I'd just sprained my wrist, but this has gradually been causing me more and more pain that I had to have some x-rays a couple of weeks ago when they found out that I may have fractured a couple of bones way back in May and obviously because this hadn't been x-rayed immediately, the bones had now fused together with the resultant deterioration in the use of my left hand. So I'm now waiting to have an x-ray guided injection to the STT joint on my left wrist which, hopefully, will make things easier for a while (though I am to have a local anaesthetic where they'll freeze my arm from elbow down - so that sounds a bit drastic just for an injection if you ask me!?!) However, they have advised that this may not be successful, and may only give me temporary relief, in which case it could be a splint and plaster job after that which could then disable me for much much longer ... though I'm sure I wont be able to keep away from my crafting, so you'll just have to put up with one-handed cards!

Meantime, I've been advised to rest my hand until my treatment, which I'm hoping wont be too long as I've still lots of cards and bits and pieces to craft for Christmas.

So despite this slight setback, it's still "business as usual" and I still look forward to receiving all your orders leading up to the busy Christmas period. Don't forget to take advantage of the FREE p&p vouchers I enclosed with your catalogue!

Hopefully normal service will resume as soon as possible!

Take care.


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